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June 14, 2016

The H Project just crossed the DETROIT city limits!
After two weeks of road trip through the USA, we wanted to share with you some news as we enter Michigan.
The H Project is about to start its second inspiring study. Always focused on the industry heritage, Motor City is perhaps the most emblematic research field we could study.
THANK YOU to follow and support us in this incredible experience! Lots of photos, videos, and articles coming up.


Flashback 3 weeks ago: here is our travel itinerary from Los Angeles to Detroit, from our first step to the second one. A journey to feel the distance: 3 824 miles, to discover and learn about the US: 11 states and 5 National or Monument Parks, but also a journey to take the time to say goodbye and to put this fabulous architectural and human experience behind us, which is probably easier said than done.

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