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This projet aims to grow with the research made in the hosting countries but also to exchange and work as a group on matters related to the architectural heritage. The idea is to question the cultural actors of the cities we visit and to lead them to think about this subject with us on a field they are familiar with.
To achieve this, the university appears to be the perfect place to gather the next generation of architects, the experts and the building and landscape partners. It will be the main centre for the sharing of ideas during the project.
Besides, the research studio is running through different ways:

THE WORKSHOPS   which are for us the best method to make ideas confront reality. Intersecting experiences and views, mobilize students and citizens to finally build a real project : these are the main purposes of the workshops which could be paralleled with conferences and debates.

“Ideas are not made to be thought out but to be lived”. André Malraux

THE TRAVEL POSTS   We are the generation 2.0, so let’s take advantage of this situation. We constantly share online our encounters and experiences through the blog of this website, but also on social networks with stories, pictures, videos and interviews. Come have a look on our Facebook pageInstagram feed and on our YouTube channel.

THE EXHIBITIONS AND FUTURE PUBLICATIONS   Travelling and meeting new people are not the project’s goals. We give as much importance in the synthesis report we will write as in the investigations and the workshops in the field.

We will complete the project with the combination of every data collected in order to produce a clear overview of our work (exhibition, movie, book).

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